What Does Your Favorite Flower Say About Your Personality?

Everyone has a favorite. Some have a few favorites. For some it’s roses, for others it’s daisies but the choice remains constant in the individual.

Have you ever wondered why you like a certain type of flower over the other? Have you ever wondered if your flower choice reveals something about your personality? Your flower choice can definitely reveal certain characteristics about you.

There are commonalities in certain blooms and you may find yourself in a bit of all of them, your favorite choices certainly speaks volumes.

Read on to find out what your favorite flower choice says about you.

What Does Your Favorite Flower Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Favorite Flower Say About Your Personality? ~Sunflowers

Like the sunflower bloom itself, these particular individuals are energetic and open. Being cheerful and heartily optimistic are the reason people tend to love being around you, creating a pool of warmth, love, smiles, and general happiness wherever you go. It’s not problem to make friends for sunflower aficionados as being social butterflies are what they do best!


With it’s subtle beauty, the violet’s purple tinged beauty is one of sheer simplicity and this echoes through into their human counterparts. Violet aficionados are very secretive, almost to the point where little is known about you by the majority. In this, they choose to surround themselves with only a few select friends and only open up to them, or family member. With a loyal heart and principles that rival the best of friends, violet selectors make great buddies (if they choose you).


Passionate, romantic, and emotionally inclined, the rose is a favourite for those who are in deep and caring relationships. It is usually the feminine flower of choice, displaying romance (not to mention expense). If you love roses, you are more inclined to see the best in others and can easily bring it out of them. You tend to be old-fashioned in your thoughts and acts and can also sometimes be too much of a perfectionist.


Innocent and sweet as cake, Gardenia enthusiasts love to travel to new and exotic destinations, developing a similar sense of fashion and style. In a yearning for new cultures and experiences, Gardenia lovers tend to use their choice flower in many of their romantic pursuits, usually shrouded in some mystery for fun!


If you prefer daisies then you are the glass-half-full kind of optimist people love to associate with. You are a vibrant and cheerful personality who lives life to the fullest. You thrive in social situations due to your innate skill in making others laugh and smile. Your companions know how lucky they are and daisy-lovers a massive hits at parties!


A lill lover’s characteristics are those that comprise of grace, generosity, empathy, compassion, friendship, fun, caring, and maternal instincts. This flower choice is usually associated with those who are well respected by others and always take a large amount of pride in their work.

Baby’s Breath

Delicate just like this choice of bloom, all the great things that a baby represents are also shared by this flower’s admirers. You love to hear and believe many fairy tale stories such as true love and chivalrous knights in shining armor. With this comes an everlasting supply of cheer, love, and naivety. Just like a fairy tale character.


Heart of gold? Check. Caring for others? Check. Sweet natured? Check. If someone possesses these three qualities then there’s a pretty high chance they love peonies. This choice of bloom seems to associate with those who are fantastic at listening, hold to the notion that true love exists, and take great joy in surprising others. Many of peonie lover’s friends appreciate their classy dress sense an the fact they are always there for them. Mostly the dressing though.

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Poppie lovers tend to POP! It’s also true. These individuals possess a high on life attitude and enjoy being the center of attention. This is not brought on from any negative qualities but rather their unrestricted enthusiasm to almost everything. Constantly striving to learn new things, poppy lovers are also very creative, yearning for that perfect project to express themselves.


Daffodils are the choice bloom for many artists. Daffodil lovers are very creative, sensitive but at the same time have a high tolerance and appreciation for hard work. Usually being artists, daffodil aficionados can easily multitask, able to balance their work and life evenly, rarely stressed out.


Just like their poppy and daffodil counterparts, iris lovers are also very creative, containing a sparking and unbound imagination. New routines are often sought out for the same things just to keep it interesting, and find some new places along the way. Iris lovers tend to be big dreamers and giant optimists, but this doesn’t stop them from accomplishing what they wish due to their ability to stay true to their word. It’s bond after all.


Of a certain standard, refined, elegant, and classy, those who select orchids are undoubtedly the same. Exuding an aura of sophistication while being deeply concerned about their appearance, these individuals have few close friends but the ones they do hold are close to heart indeed. Orchid lovers are often viewed as knowledgeable, traveled, mysterious, and attractive.


Just like their daisy counterparts, tulip aficionados are a cheery sort but they value family above all else. They are easily adaptable to change and often seek out new experiences. The possess lighthearted, soft, and caring personalities. In every situation they face or are involved in, tulip lovers try to give 110% at every turn.


Carnations are generally selected by individuals who are fantastic at being a shoulder to lean on. Your friends seem to come to you for advice and to talk and this is exactly what you thrive upon. You feel fulfilled knowing that you are helping others while asking for very little or even nothing in return. The only downside is that sometimes, carnation lovers are hesitant to experience change.