16 Signs You’re Not Shy, You’re an Introvert

The concept of being introverted is usually misunderstood. Introverts are often mistaken as shy people. While it’s true that introverts can be shy, that is not what defines them as introverts.

It is unfortunate that introverts are so often mistaken as being shy. Introverts are very important people in our world. While introverts make up just 25 – 40% of the world’s population, they comprise 60% of the world’s highest IQs.

Most introverts tend to be quiet and enjoy being in small groups as well as alone, but it’s not because they are shy. It is because they have a deep and complex inner world fueled by the need to recharge in solitude.

For a more detailed and concise explanation about introverts read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. Quiet is an excellent resource for introverts to help them understand themselves and embrace their introversion as an asset rather than viewing it as a character defect.

If you’ve been told your shy or if you think you’re shy, it might just be that you’re an introvert. Hopefully this article will help you to embrace your introversion, rather than mistakenly labeling yourself as shy.

Here are 16 Signs You’re Not Shy, You’re an Introvert

16 Signs You're Not Shy, You're an Introvert ~1. You enjoy being alone.

This is one dominate feature of introversion. Introverts love being alone to recharge and rejuvenate. In fact, introverts don’t just enjoy time alone, they need it.

2. You are observant.

You watch what others do and you notice things. You take in the information around rather than talking or expressing. You notice details. You notice things that other people miss.

3. You like to mingle with just your close friends.

Introverts can be mistaken as being unfriendly, but that’s far from the case. The distinction is that introverts enjoy having a small group of close friends. You feel free and comfortable to your close friends and have no need for casual ties.

4. You think before you act.

Introverts are thinkers and because of this, you think before you act. You are not driven my impulse or the need to impress, so think through your options before you act. This is especially true when the decision is an important one.

5. You are creative.

Because introverts have a deep and complex inner world within, they tend to be creative.

6. You listen more, talk less and value the art of listening.

This is a great feature of being an introvert. You give your undivided attention and take time to truly listen to others. You want to understand what is being communicated. Likewise, you tend to not have a great desire to speak unless you feel you’re adding value. You also really appreciate people who are also good listeners.

7. You dislike small talk and sometimes, parties and dinners.

Being in social situations can exhaust you. In fact, any situation where you have to be “on” exhausts you. Small talk seems like a waste of time to you. Whereas the extrovert gains energy from these types of situations, the introvert can’t stand it.

8. You talk to yourself, incessantly.

You have an incessant conversation with yourself inside your head. …And it’s pretty interesting actually.

9. You prefer working alone.

It can be really draining when you’re forced to work in a group. You prefer working on things alone rather than dealing with group dynamics.

10. You are a very good judge of character.

You are observant about people. You pick up on nuances in their demeanor and their behavior, including their body language. You notice things about others that most people miss.

11. You can’t stand crowds.

Introverts find crowds unnerving.

12. You come across as mysterious.

Because of your quiet nature, all the aspects of who you are may not be seen publicly. You may not feel like you are mysterious, but that’s how you often come across to others.

13. You need your personal space and you guard it.

You personal space serves as your respite and your sanctuary. You are uncomfortable when people encroach on your space or overstay their welcome.

14. You often feel relief is someone cancels on you.

You’re off the hook. More time alone. Yay!

15. You don’t necessarily love meeting new people.

Meeting new people can feel uncomfortable and awkward to you.

16. You are easily distracted.

Where extroverts often get bored and seek outside stimulation, your inner world within your mind is rich and exciting. You have lots of ideas and it’s easy for you to get distracted.