Top 13 Introvert Problems

Introvert problems – the struggle is real. Introverts have long been one of the most misunderstood personality types due to their preference for solitude. However, introverts are finally receiving recognition in the world as more people realize that different personality types can coexist.

In fact, introversion comes with many advantages such as having excellent listening skills and an intense focus that allows you to achieve anything you set your mind to accomplish. Likewise, introverts represent the minority of people but also represent the majority of the highest IQs.

Top 13 Problems That Introverts Totally Understand

Top 13 Introvert Problems ~ the world has come a long way toward accepting the personality traits that make introverts so unique, you are still likely to encounter many issues related to your affinity for silence and tendency to lapse into deep thought.

You may have even found yourself trying to explain your socially awkward behavior to others, which is even more awkward than being allowed to be quiet in peace.

As an introvert, you will find yourself nodding your head in agreement as you read these top problems encountered in life that extroverts would never understand.

1. Having to Figure out Excuses to Leave Parties

Just talking yourself into going to a social gathering is hard enough, yet there are times when your presence is warranted such as when someone throws you a birthday party.

To make matters worse, you then have to figure out a reason to leave when you’ve had enough. After all, you can only get by with claiming to have an urgent matter to attend to so many times before people start to get suspicious.

2. Feeling Drained After Everyday Activities

Going to school, sitting in a meeting at work and simply chatting with the neighbor are everyday activities that most people don’t give a second thought. However, you make sure to space these events out so you can have alone time to recover your energy.

3. Constantly Being Asked Why You’re So Quiet

Ever feel like screaming when someone asks you why you aren’t talking? Sure, your first instinct is to say it’s because they never shut up, but that would obviously go against your introverted sensibilities. Instead, you find yourself reassuring people that everything is fine, and make an effort to force conversation for the rest of the night.

4. Working on Group Projects

That feeling of dread you get when you will be forced to talk, debate, share responsibilities and even orally present with people you barely know. Somehow, writing a twenty-page research essay on the merits of individualism seems like a better fit.

5. Planning to Avoid Crowds

You know exactly when your local grocery store gets busy, and what time you can eat lunch in the break room alone. It’s not that you don’t like people; it’s just that you value being able to get things done without distractions.

6. Faking Being Outgoing on Dates

Dating as an introvert is like venturing into uncharted waters. That is, until you find someone who adores your idiosyncrasies. Until then, you will spend more than a few dates trying to be charming before heading home to analyze every moment of your date alone.

7. Dealing with Negative Labels Because You’re Quiet

No one would ever randomly assume that an extrovert is anything more than the life of the party. Yet, being quiet is often associated with negative labels that include being mean, snobby, or antisocial. Because of this, you end up experiencing even more anxiety at social events and constantly worry if you are smiling, laughing and talking enough.

8. Being Caught Daydreaming When Someone Is Talking

There is nothing worse than being caught zoning out when someone is sharing something important. However, introverts know this problem all too well. After you snap out of it, you then have to deal with the awkwardness of trying to catch back up where you left off.

9. Having to Handle Phone Calls

Extroverts hear a phone ring and get excited. Introverts, however, inwardly cringe and check the screen. In this day and age, why haven’t people figured out that texting is your thing?

10. Worrying about Losing Your Friends

The idea that introverts don’t need friends is a myth. In fact, you love the people in your social circle, and hope that won’t stop asking you to hang out. It’s nice knowing they are there when you are up to being social.

11. Feeling Like You Are Missing out

While a weekend alone in your pajama pants reading a juicy novel is your ultimate hang out plans, you can’t help but wonder about what you are missing out on. Catching up with your friends after weeks of not talking, often leads to you wishing you’d taken them up on their offers more.

12. Not Fitting The Total Introvert Picture

It’s great that people are starting to understand introverts better, but it also makes it hard when you don’t fit the stereotype. Over time, lots of introverts have learned to overcome certain personality traits, and you can seem quite sociable in comfortable settings. Trying to constantly explain that yes, you are indeed an introvert even though you’re great at public speaking is maddening.

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13. Living with Extroverts

After a movie, your partner can’t wait to discuss each scene, yet you want to have some time alone after being in a crowd. Alternatively, you feel guilty for retreating to your room when your friend is throwing a party.

While these little moments are bound to happen, it’s also great to have an extrovert around to pull you out of your shell. Learning that both reactions are okay is the key to finding happiness as an introvert.