14 Signs You’re Not Antisocial, You’re Just a Homebody

Although you like to think you are a social being and you undoubtedly have a comfortable number of close friends, chances are that if you haven’t actually seen those friends in-person for a while, or you don’t really have a desire to see any people for a while, or change out of your sweats, or venture far from your zip code, you may be becoming a bit of a recluse.

…And that’s OK – who needs nightclub lines, uncomfortable heels, and an overpriced bar tab anyway!? Just because you like to be home, doesn’t mean you’re antisocial. No, you’re not. We’re called homebodies and we’re not ashamed.

Are you a bonafide homebody? How many of these signs describe you?

Here are 14 Signs You’re Not Antisocial, You’re Just a Homebody

14 Signs You're Not Antisocial, You're Just a Homebody ~1. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem

You come home from work or school and can’t peel off your real clothes fast enough. Even business casual or jeans Friday is too much for you. You dream about your comfy clothes or pajamas all day long and let out an accomplished sigh of relief as soon as your street clothes are in an appropriate lump on the floor.

You may even intentionally shop for comfy clothes that can pass as acceptable in the event you have a visitor or need to answer the door for the delivery guy. Heels and ties and pearls can’t hold a candle to yoga pants and slippers or mismatched socks.

2. I Can’t Even

You are the master of excuses. Rattling off reasons you can’t attend a function has become a reflex. Sorry, I can’t. I’m going to be sick that day. It’s my brother’s teacher’s friend’s daughter’s birthday. I just put in a casserole. It’s a full moon.

3. Sunday Blues

Sunday Nights are the worst. The thought of having to get out of your bed to an alarm clock, shower, and put on real clothes is simply depressing.

4. Man’s Best Friend

Your dog (or cat) is literally your best friend. Some weekends he is the only one you talk to; he gets you. Your dog has a spot on the bed or couch and snuggles in with you for the long haul.

5. No FOMO

You have zero fear of missing out. You much prefer to live vicariously through your friends as you double tap their pictures of crowded bars and cute stilettos. The thought of actually being there is overwhelming. People are just too much and who wants to be bothered with removing all that makeup at the end of the night.

6. Home Gym

You have a stability ball or a yoga mat stashed in a closet in case you get the urge to burn some calories. Your Fitbit knows exactly how many steps it takes to get from your bed or couch to the kitchen or bathroom so you can hit your daily goal, and you do squats while brushing your teeth. See, no need to venture out to some MRSA infested gym.

7. No Shower Happy Hour

You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home for a good time when there are perfectly good bottles of red or white stashed very close to your very comfy couch. A night in with a remote in one hand and a wineglass in the other is just what you had in mind. Your friends can come to you. This way you don’t have to worry about who will be the designated driver or what time you can leave to head back home. All visitors are encouraged to don a super casual look; shoes optional.

8. Rain Check

You don’t do weather. Your friends know that if the sky turns even the slightest tinge of gray, any plans you may have made are immediately canceled. Inclement weather is your international sign for a pajama clad movie night. Any drop of rain or light dusting of snow may even cause you to call out of work. One cannot be expected to actually focus or get dressed in such climates when there is warm luscious bed and crackling fire waiting for you at home.

9. Host(ess) with the Most(est)

You are the first to volunteer to host anything and everything casual at your house so you don’t have to brave the elements. The attire is always casual.

10. Delivery Guide

You know all the best take-out places within a 10 mile radius, their daily specials and you might be on a first name basis with the delivery guy. The numbers are stored in your phone and when Pete answers, you ask for your “usual.” You have also brushed crumbs from your sheets to the floor without batting an eye. Don’t lie. It’s alright.

11. You’re Off The Hook

There is no greater relief than getting a text message from your friends that they need to cancel your plans. In fact, you procrastinate getting ready in hopes that they might send such a text.

12. Stay-at-Home Barista

No need to worry about the Starbucks girl hearing your complicated order correctly if you have all of the luxuries of coffee and tea right in your very own kitchen. No foam, no problem. The complexion of your latte is always perfect and the temperature just right.

13. Out Of Town Pests

You love your best friend from high school and your siblings scattered across the country. But when you get the text that they’ll be in your city, you cringe just a little. Odds are they are not going to want to watch Netflix the whole weekend. You are actually going to have to show them stuff. Entertaining is for the birds…

14. DVR Warrior

You are the expert on every series. You should singlehandedly award the Emmys, because you are intimately familiar with every show and character. You are the go-to person for your friends on which shows to binge and which to skip. You realize there is not a Hallmark Christmas Movie you haven’t seen or a Netflix series you haven’t tried.