The Negative Side of Your Zodiac

What Is the Negative Side of Your Zodiac Sign?

The Zodiac is generally looked to in an effort to understand one’s personality as equated with the way the stars, moons, and planets were aligned in the galaxy on the date and time of someone’s birth.

Most people are familiar with the 12 sun signs of the Greco-Roman Zodiac, however, these sun signs also have a shadow side. The shadow side of the signs are negative personality traits.

The Dark Side of Your Zodiac

The Dark Side of Your Zodiac ~

The unpredictable Aries can be as stubborn as a ram at full charge. As highly ambitious people, they can be easily lead into a destructive over-achieving lifestyle with little in return. Other negative aspects of the sign are immaturity, impulsiveness, and jealousy.


The shy Taurus person needs positive motivation. Without it, they may be irrationally stubborn and hold onto even the weakest ideas for the worst reasons. People born under the sign of the bull need to take care not to become too materialistic, too inflexible, or too lazy. They can be overly possessive of things and other people.


Gemini is the sign of the twins and people born under this sign often suffer from a drastic duality of personality. They can easily turn into master emotional manipulators who live to hear only their own voices. Very materialistic, they tend to spread themselves too thin and focus on too many complicated projects at once without actually completing any of them.


Cancer is a water sign and as such, these sensitive people tend to wade in and out of the emotional tide. They could be happy spending their entire lives inside their shell, permitting only a select few people near their soft body. As a result they may be plagued by melancholy bordering on depression that causes them to be anxious and overly clingy.


Like the lion, people who share the sign of Leo tend to be domineering and arrogant. Highly narcissistic, they absolutely love to be in the spotlight and will stop at nothing to remain there once they get it, regardless of the venue. They can be overly sensitive to even the smallest criticism as well as impatient and easily angered.


People born under the sign of the virgin can be highly judgmental of everyone around them. Always in control, the Virgo person is a natural-born skeptic and has little interest in learning anything new. They may be harshly critical and so highly principled that they find it difficult to adapt to new situations in life.


The negative side of the scales of balance is a person with the power to easily manipulate those around them. Librans tend to focus on outer beauty so much that they forget other people are more than their skins. They can be overly dramatic, unreliable, unpredictable, and two-faced. A person born under this sign may seem calm and happy at one moment then angry and lashing out at everyone around them the next.


People born under the sign of the scorpion must work hard to prevent themselves from becoming overly jealous, malicious, and argumentative. Scorpio people enjoy being in control and may be overly domineering, possessive, highly distrustful, and jealous. Like a scorpion that has zeroed in on prey, these people may be obsessive to the point of being a danger to themselves. They never forgets past wrongs.


Sagittarians can be impatient, unpredictable, and over-confident. It can be difficult to get them to commit to anything, whether it is a project or a relationship. They cling to outer beauty and are often tactless in their comments to others, especially concerning looks or emotions. The shadow side of the sign of the Archer often means that the person is a mouthy know-it-all.


Capricorn people see life as black or white. With them there are no grey areas. Spontaneity is an anathema to these perfectionists and selfish people. As stubborn as the goat the sign is named for, they will attempt to go to the grave with all of their material possessions.


Like other people born under air signs, Aquarians can be stubborn, rebellious, and impulsive. They may be cold and detached on the outside, however, a brewing storm of extreme ideals and dreams powers them from the inside. People born under this constellation need to take care not to spend too much time in their own heads, and understand that even if those who care for them are flexible, they will not stand for being neglected.


People influenced by the shadow side of the sign of the fish tend to be gullible as they prefer to avoid conflict at any cost. As such, these timid, co-dependent people can fall prey to emotional manipulators and abusers. As a result, they may suffer from low-self esteem and laziness.

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Now that you know the negative side of your zodiac sign, try to learn how to balance them.