12 Essential Things You Deserve in a Relationship

A healthy relationship challenges your boundaries and encourages you grow and expand your life with someone else – not because you have to, but because you want to.

And though it means stepping back and taking another person into consideration, it is still important to cultivate a relationship that will better you as an individual and as a partner.

Below are 12 essential things you deserve in a relationship.

12 Essential Things You Deserve in a Relationship http://personalitybuzz.com/things-you-deserve-in-a-relationship/1. Communication

Effective communication includes honesty, especially about thoughts, feelings, and intentions. What also matters here is your partner making an effort to listen to and understand the message you need them to hear.

When you are on the same page, you can begin to build something strong together.

2. Intimacy

This ranges from emotional to physical gestures. Your partner can express their feelings and appreciation toward you by making or giving you gifts, doing small things for you to make your day easier or relieve your stress.

Hugs, kisses, and cuddles, and even physical intimacy (when it’s right for you) will help you feel noticed and wanted by the other and create a feeling of closeness.

3. Trust

Trust builds at different rates for all couples and is the tool with which you build your relationship. You deserve someone who will hold your heart in their hands as carefully as they would their own. People can make mistakes and learn from them, but it is important to be with someone who values sincerity and loyalty.

4. Support

Be with someone who believes in you. Having a partner who fully supports your desires and passions and wildest dreams is priceless. Showing support is a way you know how much you are loved and how capable you are, whatever you wish to achieve.

5. Someone who wants to change themselves instead of you

Change is growth and something you can’t live without doing. A worthwhile relationship should challenge you to grow and show you what potential you have. Your partner should seek to better themselves and want the same for you without trying to do it for you.

6. Someone who accepts you as a whole

No one should date you with the idea that there are parts of you that are unlovable. Your partner doesn’t have to like every single thing about you, but they should never make you feel like you can only be loved in pieces. You must be loved as a whole.

7. To feel safe

While it is important not to pin your past hurts onto your new partner, they still need to make you feel safe with them. Whether by deep discussions or truthful actions, your partner should show you that you need not fear. Making sure that you feel safe with them is only one of many ways they can express their commitment to you.

8. Respect

Your relationship may include differences of opinion or lifestyle, but you should never have to feel disrespected, demeaned, or belittled by your partner.

9. A best friend

A relationship based on friendship is the best kind. Being best friends with your partner ensures being with someone who understands you and wants the best for you. This means they will make you smile and laugh and always offer their shoulder to lean or cry on. And when your partner is your best friend, you can go straight to the source to smooth any issues and know that you will be listened to without being judged.

10. A partner to explore with

Just as you explore each other and learn things about each other and your love, you may want to explore the world too. With there being so many places and experiences that await you, you deserve to be in a relationship with someone who wants to step into the unknown and try new things.

Not only does this keep things fresh and full of life and passion, but it also shows you that someone you can experience all the highs with may be someone worth surviving the lows with.

A great resource is the book – The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

11. A teacher and student

You can learn something from every person you interact with, and your partner may be the most important teacher you have. Being in love opens up new doors you never knew existed, and your partner is the one you choose to walk through them with. You deserve a partner who is willing to walk with you along your journey, who is there to teach you about yourself, whether it’s how lovable you are or that you’re worth more than you think.

You deserve someone who is willing to guide you, to help you find who you really are, and who is willing to learn from you in turn.

12. Someone who challenges you

It’s important that your partner challenge and encourage you. Your partner should support your growth, health, and help you to achieve your goals and dreams.