18 Of The Most Common Dream Symbols and What They Mean

Dream meanings may generally have the same interpretations but they can also vary individually depending on the context of your particular dream.

Do you often dream about any of the following things? Below is a list of 18 of the most common dream symbols and their meanings to possibly help you interpret your own dreams. Discover the fun and fascination with these common dream symbols and what they mean.

Here are 18 Of The Most Common Dream Symbols and What They Mean

18 Of The Most Common Dream Symbols and What They Mean ~1. People you know

To dream about certain people or a person you know in real life signifies qualities in him/her that you want for yourself.

If you see a person from your past, then your dream could be referring to an unacknowledged aspect of your self or a waking situation in your life that is inducing a similar feeling from your previous relationships.

2. Flying

If you are flying in your dream, this represents freedom. It can also represent a need to escape from the real world. If you are trying to fly but can’t, it can mean you feel too tied down in your life or trapped.

3. Animals

Different animals can have different dream meanings. For instance, cats in your dream can mean you are repressing your intuitive, feminine side, while seeing lions can mean you are repressing great amounts of anger. The key to interpreting an animal dream meaning is to analyze the natural traits of the particular animal you see in your dream.

At the same time, animals in dreams are also symbols of base, instinctual desires, passions, emotions, and/or actions. We often repress these base natural desires in our waking life so we can live in a more civilized manner. On the other hand, they are still innate in us and just lurking or hiding in our subconscious mind.

4.  Mountains

Climbing a mountain in your dream is symbolic of reaching for or achieving a higher goal or level of success in your life.

If you dream of going down a mountain, then this can mean you have successfully overcome a great insurmountable odd, while watching a mountain in your dream can mean you’re currently contemplating a major decision in your waking life.

5. Angels

Angels are manifestations of goodness and purity. If an angel appears in your dream, it may signify your quest for goodness or spiritual enlightenment. Additionally, angels in dreams serve as spiritual teachers or guides so try to listen to the advice of the angel guide appearing in your dreams.

6. Black

Dreaming about the color black or objects that are colored black can be a sign of darkness or evil which you may be facing or are afraid to face in your waking life.

7. Gate

Gates can symbolize entrance or exit, again, depending on its context in your dream. Seeing a gate can also represent beginnings or endings.

8. Illness

When you dream about illness, it can be your body’s way of signaling to you that there’s something wrong. It means your subconscious mind is sensing things that your conscious mind is currently not aware of. Dreaming about illness can also signify your fear of something that might go wrong.

9. An Owl

The owl is often regarded as a representation of the subconscious self. Owls are often thought to be symbols of wisdom and knowledge; hence, owls can mean it is delivering an important message to you, its dreamer.

10. Keys

The presence of keys in your dream means you are keeping some form of secret, or that you’ve been locking away yourself from others most especially your feelings.

11. Road

Seeing a road in your dream can indicate your goal or direction. A straight road means things are going smoothly, while a bumpy road or a winding road can indicated problems in your waking life.

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12. Stairs

Dreaming of a flight of stairs can have different meanings for a particular person; but generally, it can indicate either a rise or drop in your finances, status, or your spiritual life.

If you dream that you’re walking up the stairs, this can indicate that you are making progress in your material or emotional/spiritual journey, or that you are beginning to achieve a higher level of understanding with regards to things.

If, on the other hand, you dream that you’re walking down the stairs, then this can mean you are somewhat regressing or reverting back into your subconscious. You have repressed thoughts. This can also signify set-backs in your life.

13. Underground

When you see yourself venturing underground in your dream, this can indicate that you are traveling to your subconscious mind. It can also mean that you are currently struggling with issues you need to face now. Going underground in your dream can also mean you are now ready to take on your current issues or your previously repressed ones.

14. Cars

Seeing a car in your dream can represent sense of control or feelings of freedom in your current state.

15. Dancing

Dancing can symbolize freedom of movement and/or cooperation. At the same time, dance can also symbolize romance, marriage, or even sex. Depending on its context as well as the nature of the dance itself, dreaming of a dance or dancing can have varied meanings.

16. Blood

Seeing blood in your dream can represent vitality and power. Bloody or violent blood dreams can be representations of a current emotional set-back you may have in your life or losing some form of control.

Bloody hands, on the other hand, can indicate certain emotional feelings of guilt.

17. Eggs

Dreaming of eggs may be a symbol of birth or renewal. It also signifies fertility and wholeness. If you dream of broken eggs, or breaking an egg, this can indicate either breaking out of your shell or having shattered faith. It depends on its context in your dream.

18. Fog

Fogs in a dream can be a manifestation of your feelings of being lost or being confused in your current waking life. It can also mean that you are going out to explore the hidden or blurry aspects of your life or personality.