Research Reveals Cat People are Smarter Than Dog People

It’s true. If you’re a cat owner, then you might just be smarter than your dog loving friends. Say what? How much better can it get? You’ve probably always suspected it, but it’s nice to know there’s proof.

What’s This All About?

Cat and dog lovers have always had a friendly rivalry going on as to which animal is the best. Did you know that the type of person you are has a great influence on which animal you prefer? When you read about it, it makes sense. Studies regarding cats, dogs and the people who love them go beyond the basics. Because of their diverse behavior, cats and dogs attract specific people.

Knowing about cat behavior has led us down this path of curiosity, only this curiosity isn’t going to kill anyone. Carroll University in Wisconsin decided to delve deeper into the cat lover vs dog lover competition. The results of their study have left cat owners with the bragging rights to superior intelligence. Because of their study, we know more as to how we select our pets as well as how they select us.

*Note: If you’re a dog lover and starting to feel badly about this, no need to worry. The opposite isn’t true. It doesn’t mean your unintelligent just because you like dogs. After all, all animal lovers are cool people!

Your Personality

Do you own a cat? If so, chances are, you are a more private person, preferring the indoors and a quiet life. Cat lovers are also more open minded and sensitive. They tend to be less likely to conform to society’s unwritten rules, and are also more likely to break them.

Dogs lovers are more social as well as more lively and outgoing. They tend to pay more attention to the rules and are more likely to follow them.

These personality traits are what draws us to our pet. A cat person finds no greater boost to their esteem than to find a cat that chooses them. They have no problems with the independent and oftentimes aloof behavior of their pet. They will build a strong bond with their cat because of these traits.

Dog lovers find the strength of their bond with the love and loyalty only a dog can provide. They are energetic and love to be outdoors. Their dogs want nothing more than to be with their master, giving affection and adding excitement to any outing.

What About the Part That Cat Lovers are Smarter than Dog Lovers?

Research Reveals Cat People are Smarter Than Dog People - may seem like a complicated question, but the answer is simple. Cat owners tend to score higher on intelligence tests than dog owners. It’s no joke. Carroll University’s study included a sampling from both cat and dog owners who were tested. The results concluded that the cat owners came out on top.

The study dug further than the intelligent quotient. It was able to place the personality types with the pet of their choice, and it does make sense. Someone who likes to read a lot and avoid outdoor activities isn’t likely to want to chase after a playful puppy at the dog park.

What If You Have Both a Cat and a Dog?

Nothing is set in stone. Maybe you like the special love only a cat can give on its own terms. You might also need the devotion that man’s best friend has ready to bestow with a wagging tail. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the relationships you build with all of your friends, whether they’re of the two- or four-legged variety.

If you’re a cat owner who falls in love with a dog owner, you might want to keep the statistics out of the relationship. A better idea would be to figure out how all parties might blend together if things take a serious turn. For all the pickiness of their owners, cats and dogs can usually find a way to create a truce and get along quite well together.

Some Cat Facts

  • Intelligence. Cats are sometimes not as smart as dogs. As unfair and unbelievable that this may seem, it is true. However, cats, wild or domestic, still possess cleverness that helps them hunt in the wild and present an endearing purr in your lap.
  • Memes. Due to their enigmatic expressions, cats are the subjects of quite a number of humorous memes. Do we really know what they’re thinking? No, but we can have fun pretending.
  • Control. Our cats are in charge of us, and we know it. From the superior cat sitting expectantly by their food dish to the helpless kitty tripping us for extra attention, we are happily at their beck and call.

It’s an amazing relationship. Our cats know how smart we are. They may not know about any studies on the matter, but they know they’ve chosen the right person to care for them. In return we get the awesome love only a cat can give.