What Your Favorite Color Reveals About Your Personality

We always ask people what their favorite color is, but we never follow up and ask, “Why?” Chances are you’ve never done it because you’ve never even thought about it yourself. As you continue reading this though, you’ll probably start to wonder what it is that attracts you to choose certain colors as your favorite.

Maybe it’s just an attractive looking color that immediately catches your eye, or maybe it’s something deeper that reflects your personality and reality. Researchers have conducted studies showing that the latter certainly holds true to some extent.

What your favorite color says about you isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of thing, but there are certainly a lot of commonalities between people who share the same favorite color. Let’s begin by diving into 9 base colors and see what they might say about you as a person!

What Your Favorite Color Reveals About Your Personality ~1. Red

The extrovert’s color of choice has been sometimes associated with impulsiveness and aggression, which could explain their need and desire to live life to their fullest.

Being an extrovert, and someone who needs to live that fantastic life, ‘Reds’ will not wait to store up any emotions building but will let them go as it happens. This can lead to ‘Reds’ going through a plethora of emotions, riding a roller coaster if you will, feeling many ups and downs in their mood.

Life should be fun, quick, happy, and stress free, so when life ultimately decides to throw that out the window and give ‘Reds’ a challenge to this ideal, they tend to get upset. Seeing that they fully release their emotions, ‘Reds’ can be quick to judge (and are not afraid to say it!).

2. Orange

Pleasant people, who have a natural affinity for making friends make these outgoing ‘Oranges’ the people to become friends with if you want to have some fun.

Anything to do with philosophy or deep thought issues are quickly turned to the side in favor of smiling, laughing, making friends, and building fun relationships. ‘Oranges’ are not likely to be involved in any serious discussions and seem to be put off by profound people, having little to no appeal in passionate marriages but rather light, affectionate ones.

3. Yellow

Well organized, deliberate, methodical, diligent, and possessing a certain natural reservation about them, ‘Yellows’ are people with high aspirations who wish to reach for the stars. The only problem is they are also cursed with the lack of energy to execute their far reached dreams.

Many ‘Yellows’ may carry a sense of disappointment or emptiness in the form of their unmet potential and ideas, but have major strength when it comes to organized thinking and working diligently.

4. Green

‘Greens’ tend to be more stubborn but steadfast in their view of life, making for more steady and dependable people. ‘Greens’ generally have this thing about them where they place the most importance on having a high social standing and circle, born from a likelihood of living in a financially secure and prosperous neighborhood/city.

This could reveal why so many ‘Greens’ are resistant to change and will do their best to protect their interests and great life. With all of this however, may come the need to seek affirmation and affection  constantly, as validation becomes a rare and sought after notion.

5. Blue/Green Hue

‘Hueys’ share many similar commonalities with both ‘Greens’ and ‘Blues’ (see below), however in this case the ‘Green’ aspects are more dominant. They place the same importance on social circles and standings, just like their ‘Green’ cousins, but with more of a focus on being expert food and wine connoisseurs.

The poise and social interaction ‘Hueys’ carry can sometimes be a fallacy as deep issues are buried within, such as the need for love, acceptance, and approval (more so than their ‘Green’ counterparts). ‘Green’ men are also regarded as being quick witted and humorous, lightly conceited, well groomed, and sarcastic whereas ‘Green’ women are very charming, attractive, have a knack for the right outfits, and are also well groomed.

6. Blue

Peace and serenity are the core tenants of ‘Blues’, working hard to secure a clean, ordered home and life. These introverts are prone to be thoughtful of others, have a keen intellect (even at times appearing egocentric), and stand by your ideals and opinions blatantly.

Due to the fact that ‘Blues’ manage their emotions at a fantastic level, they are sensitive people who think of others, and in doing so have a strong likelihood that they will achieve some amount of success (if not all).

7. Purple

Artistic, insightful, creative, and idealistic, ‘Purples’ are the personalities that choose to express themselves through any means possible. Those that are born without any artistic talent whatsoever (which is impossible) tend to have great admiration for fellow ‘Purple’ artists and their work, supporting and being moved by their efforts.

The common ideal of peace and harmony, where a world turns without the threat of disease, war, violence, and famine is what most ‘Purples’ hold close to heart and this is usually expressed through their chosen art form. Mysticism and spirituality are also two topics of discussion and research according to most ‘Purples’ statistics.

8. Brown

‘Browns’ are hard workers. They know that to get something out of life, you need to put in some time and effort and because of this most ‘Browns’ tend to be steadfast and tenacious.

They are perhaps sometimes viewed as takers rather than givers, but that is only because they also tend to be realists and their philosophy is that every interaction is never as simple as that. ‘Browns’ also tend to be quite frugal given their life view but are absolutely fantastic at assuming responsibility, unfortunately leaving them little down time for that little thing called ‘fun.

9. Pink

Naïveté, childhood nostalgia, innocence and sweetness. All the things a child is can be perfectly envisioned inside the mind of ‘Pinks’. They will go out and seek a lifestyle with all of these requirements. They also tend to be very romantic, with a gentleness about them, frequently send in upper and middle class women.