12 Things That Really Happy People Do Differently

Have you ever asked yourself the reason why some people are so genuinely happy? Do you think they are happy because they live less stressful lives or because they’re wealthier and have lots of friends? Definitely not! There are, however, several important things that happy people do that greatly contributes to their happiness.

Here are 12 Things That Really Happy People Do Differently

1. They use their brains.

Genuinely happy people understand that their brain is their best asset – so they don’t leave it dormant. They understand the fact that thinking helps one to make the best decisions possible.

Happy people use their brains and engage fully. Also, they consciously choose to happiness, what it means to them and how to create happiness in their everyday lives.

2. They do things they love.

A fundamental thing that makes happy people happy is that they carve out time from their daily activities to engage in things that they enjoying doing. They understand how important it is to create time for those things they love doing most. They are purposeful in doing so.

Do you know what you love to do and do you take time to do it? If not, take a look at Take the Leap by Heather McCloskey Beck.

12 Things That Really Happy People Do Differently ~3. They play.

Happy people understand the role of play in their happiness. According to Brene Brown, play is time spent without a purpose. It’s simply about fooling around and goofing off. Play is a vital part of happy people’s lives. For more details, checkout The Gifts of Imperfection.

4. They are present.

Happy people are present in the moment. They immerse themselves in whatever they are doing, focusing their attention in the activity.

Happy people know that worrying about what happened or what is going to happen detracts from the now and so they are sure to fully engage in whatever it is that they’re doing.

5. They eat healthily.

Happy people enjoy the occasional treat, but it is the exception and not the rule. Happy people take time to plan their meals and fuel their system with good food. Research has successfully linked mood to food, and sugar is said to be a major cause of anxiety and depression in addition to overall gut health.

6. They plan ahead.

As much as happy people love the present moment, happy people never fail to plan ahead and be prepared for the future. Happy people know the direction they are going. They have a good plan for their money, their goals and their lives.

In the short term, happy people make lists and keep good schedules. Planning helps to reduce their stress and helps savor the moment and feel less frazzled. Likewise, happy people know that life happens and they are prepared to make adjustments to their plans.

7. They take time to rest.

Genuinely happy people create sufficient time for rest. They know when it’s time to slow down and take it easy. They make sure they get a good night’s sleep each night. Happy  people know that without proper rest, they simply cannot feel as happy as possible. Likewise, they take breaks – both mentally and physically – throughout their day.

8. They are not addicted to their devices.

Everyone loves technology but happy people don’t get addicted to it. Happy people know that the real happiness in life comes from engaging with the people around them and being fully present in whatever they are doing. This means they put their phone down.

9. They are exceedingly thankful. 

Gratitude is a common trait prevalent amongst the happy – they are exceedingly grateful. Happy people appreciate what they have. They make a conscious choice to see the bright side of every situation regardless of how gloomy it may seem. They also openly express their gratitude.

If you want to try and practice more gratitude in your life, a great place to start is by keeping a journal. Each day, jot down those things you are grateful for in your journal. It may seem insignificant initially but this simple practice can cultivate gratitude and thankfulness for you.

10. They love to learn.

Happy people love to learn new things and expand what they know. They also love to grow as an individual – emotionally and spiritually. Happy people read and research whatever they need to build their knowledge, boost their skills or provide inspiration. Happy people never stop learning, developing themselves and seeking to feel inspired.

11. They move their body.

Happy people are know that the human body was naturally designed to move and they do just that to maintain their health. Regular movement is key to health but also key to happiness. Bodies in motion are happier bodies. From interval training to walking to yoga, happy people move. To learn more on how moving can greatly boost your mood, see Spark by John J. Ratey.

12. They consciously choose to be happy.

Happiness is usually not an automatic condition for people – especially adults. It can require some effort and happy people acknowledge this. Happy people consciously choose to be happy. Happy people make the most of ever situation. They find joy. If they’re feeling down or under stress, they sort through it and come out making the choice for happiness.

Does this sound foreign to you? If so, try this – make a commitment to happiness and then throughout your day when things aren’t going your way or stress appears, simply reassure yourself that you have decided on happiness. You will be amazed at the results even for a day.