7 Signs You Have a Strong Personality (and it Might Scare Some People)

Each person has a different personality that is often determined by genetics as well as the environment that they grew up in including the family that raised them. Some people may not know what type of personality they have or whether they have an intense or strong personality.

They may just go about life feeling as if they’re a little bit different from others. To determine if you have a strong personality, there are a few important signs to look for with how you live and act.

7 Signs You Have a Strong Personality (and it Might Scare Some People) - http://personalitybuzz.com/strong-personality/1. You Can Be Emotional

Whether you’re up or down, you can tend to get emotional about different events in your life. This includes being excited and happy as well as sad or angry.

When you’re upset, you may become depressed or inconsolable due to circumstances that often feel like the end of the world. You may find it difficult to focus on other areas of your life until you find resolution.

When you’re happy, you have a tendency to become overly excited about life. You may also find it difficult to have peace in your life until a certain challenge or problem is resolved and you can move on from the situation.

2. You Aren’t Afraid of Confrontation

Individuals with strong personalities aren’t afraid of confrontation or communication with the people in their life. If there’s a problem that you want to resolve or if someone offended you, you make it a point to discuss it with the person as soon as possible. If you feel disrespected, you may find it challenging to avoid speaking up and voicing your opinion.

Although you aren’t afraid of confrontation, you’re still sensitive to other people’s feelings and will only communicate if it’s effective and will end up benefiting the relationship.

3. You’re Ambitious

One of the best traits of people with strong personalities is that they tend to be driven and ambitious with goals that they’ve set for the future. You may find it difficult just to lounge around in life without always working towards the next accomplishment that you want to achieve, whether it involves graduating college or advancing your career.

You may tend to be extremely productive throughout the day with to-do lists that you create for yourself on a consistent basis. You may also be willing to sacrifice time spent with family or friends to get more work done or spend more time at the office.

4. You’re Realistic

Although some people may have a clouded view of the world, you’re realistic when it comes to different situations or circumstances. You allow your experiences to shape your view of the world and are more realistic than you are optimistic about the future.

When evaluating a certain event or situation, you’re willing to look at all of the facts and may even find certain problems or flaws that can exist but are often overlooked by other individuals. You aren’t biased and are prone to seeing the bigger picture but can tend to become negative if you aren’t careful.

5. You’re Selective About Who Hang Out With

Your strong personality makes you more selective on who you date or who you’re friends with. Although you may be a social butterfly (or not), you’re still less apt to hang out with just anyone. Certain personalities may turn you off and you may only connect with a handful of people, which limits how many people are in your inner circle.

You also tend to value deep conversation rather than small talk and don’t like wasting your time in group settings where you can’t connect with people one-on-one. If you feel as if someone isn’t authentic, you aren’t afraid to move on and spend time with someone else who isn’t afraid to open up.

6. You Work to Control Variables in Your Life

Those with strong personalities like to have complete control over their life when it comes to their occupation, romantic relationship, and finances. You aren’t afraid to take charge and invest your energy into organizing your life and your resources.

This includes planning your future and schedule while staying on top of all of your responsibilities throughout the day. You also tend to avoid wasting your time on activities or hobbies that you’re not fully interested in and would rather do something that you truly enjoy.

7. You Don’t Worry About Your Reputation

You feel confident in yourself and your abilities without worrying too much about what other people think about you in your personal or professional life. Mentally strong individuals aren’t people pleasers who have to be liked by everyone.

You aren’t afraid to voice your opinion or stand up for your beliefs even at the expense of certain relationships or your reputation. You also won’t say what others want to hear just to be liked and value your personal opinions more than what others may think of you.