What Does Your Favorite Animal Reveal About Your Personality?

Human beings have always had an interesting connection to animals. In fact, many cultures believe that an animal’s soul can interact with a human’s.

Throughout history, there have been stories of individuals that have actually learned how to communicate with animals. It was long rumored that Grigori Rasputin was able to understand and even speak to horses. In fact, he was able to calm and mount any horse that he met.

In today’s world, Cesar Millan is the modern day Rasputin. Millan’s ability to understand and speak to dogs is remarkable. So, the question begs to be asked, why are certain individuals able to understand animals?

Could it be that Cesar Millan and Grigori Rasputin found their true spirit animals? Or, are their strange abilities attributed to something else? What if spirit animals had been talking to you all along?

Did you know that there are countless animals that have spiritual connections to human beings? In fact, there are far too many to list. (See Animal Spirit Guides: An Easy-to-Use Handbook for Identifying and Understanding Your Power Animals and Animal Spirit Helpers).

With that being said, we have decided to focus on the spiritual traits and characteristics of 11 majestic spirit animals. Which animal is your favorite and which animal resonates with you?

What Does Your Favorite Animal Reveal About Your Personality? ~1. Owl

Owls are extremely wise and ancient creatures. Calling to the spirit of the owl totem will unlock new levels of intuition in your life. For thousands of years, it was thought that the owl represented death. Today, connecting with the owl spiritually can be a very positive experience.

For one, owls can see in the night. The owl’s keen sense of sight will allow you to cut through deceit and see the truth. Also, the death that the owl supposedly carries could represent the end of a phase. The owl is a bringer of change and new beginnings.

2. Fox

The fox represents speed and efficiency. This spiritual animal symbolizes confidence in difficult moments. The spirit totem of the fox will allow you to be cunning and brave during stressful situations.

Rather than avoiding problems, the fox forces you to confront and overcome your fears. The fox does well in the darkness because he welcomes the unknown.

3. Horse

Horses are powerful and gentle creatures. In the spirit world, a wild horse represents freedom. A horse that is restrained means that something is holding you back in life. The horse encourages you to break free from the reigns and confidently race towards your goals. Aside from freedom, another spiritual trait of the horse is sturdiness. No matter the scope or weight of a situation, the horse stands strong and continues to push forward.

4. Bird

Each bird represents something different in the spirit world, but most birds have many common spiritual traits. For example, a blue jay symbolizes awareness, energy, and intelligence. Also, many birds in the spirit world are patient and wise. The spiritual totem of a bird will give you clarity and knowledge as well.

5. Bear

The bear is a powerful but quiet animal. If the bear comes into your life, he will give you strength to overcome adversity. The totem of the bear will instill courage, fortitude, and strength. In times of sickness, the bear represents healing. Also, seeing the bear will give you confidence in moments of solitude.

6. Lion

The lion is the king of his domain, and nothing can bring him fear. The spirit animal of the lion represents confidence, strength, and bravery in moments of doubt. The lion is also quiet and in control of his surroundings. He is a leader that commands respect. The lion has the ability to change the world around him either negatively or positively.

7. Butterfly

Butterflies are beautiful creatures, and the spiritual totem of this insect indicates that a huge change is about to take place in your life. Rather than cower away from the future, the butterfly asks you to embrace the unknown with confidence and grace. The butterfly totem represents faith and love. Although the path is unknown, the butterfly will help you enjoy the process of change.

8. Wolf

In the spirit world, the wolf can have both positive and negative traits. In good times, the wolf represents freedom, awareness, and confidence. However, in unhappy times, the wolf symbolizes fear and insecurity. The wolf is a creature that can live alone or in a pack. The animal can adapt to any situation, and he uses his intelligence to his advantage. The wolf totem also encourages one to act on instincts in moments of doubt. The wolf is a powerful and complex spirit guide.

9. Tiger

The tiger represents determination, persistence, and patience. The tiger is also wise, and he encourages you to use proven methods to accomplish your goals. Through hard work and will, the tiger shows you that anything can be accomplished. The tiger can stand alone, or he can camouflage into his surroundings if need be. The spiritual totem of the tiger will give you balance and power when you need it most.

10. Snake

Snakes are known for being spineless and slimy creatures. However, in the spirit world, the snake represents energy and creation. The snake’s ability to regenerate its skin shows the reptile’s willingness to adapt. The spiritual totem of the snake encourages you to closely observe yourself. The snake shows you that it’s okay to let go of sorrow. Snakes are powerful creatures, and they have a long history of worship.

11. Deer

The deer represents love, gentleness, and serenity. If you see the deer in your meditations, he is there to quiet your worries. The spiritual totem of the deer teaches us to be gentle with our own emotions. Rather than fear the world, the deer encourages one to gaze at its beauty. Deer also have an ability to hear things that other creatures can’t. The animal can sense and detect danger from long distances. This creature shows us how to be aware and live fearlessly at the same time.

Life can be difficult at times, and it can seem as if there is no hope. Luckily, the spirit animals are here to help us in times of need. All we have to do is call to them and believe in their healing powers. Moments of doubt no longer have to be faced alone.