What Does Your Birthdate Say About Your Personality?

Do you think that your date of birth can indicate things about your personality? Many people believe this to be so and deem your birthdate a very important number for you.

Indeed your birthdate can reveal many bits of personal information about you. This process is called Numerology and is an interesting concept. For those who choose to believe, it can uncover amazing insight about you and your life.

Numerology can be considered as an offshoot to astrology, as the process is exactly the same however instead of using stars and planets, it is replaced with numbers. A rapid growth of researchers and experts have discovered in their journey into numerology that what numbers we are influenced by, have a great effect on who we are as a person and what our personalities are like.

Numerology can also help direct the course of your future and enable you to make good choices. Not only will this article assist you in understanding what numerology is, but there is also an example on how to calculate your own birthdate, and what it might mean for you.

Have a look below and see if you can uncover revelations about yourself, based on when you were born!

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Calculating Your Life Path Number

The date, month, and year must be broken down into a single digit for this to work.

Example: You were born on January 1st, 1976, so your life path calculation would look exactly like this:


January is the 1st month. This number requires no further reduction. If, for example, you are calculating the month of December, you would take 12 and add the two numbers together, so 1 + 2 = 3.


Again, the 1st is already a single digit, so no need to break it down further. If it is a double digit, then repeat the process as stated above.


For the year 1976, add the numbers together until you reach a single digit once again. 1 + 9 + 7 + 6 = 23 and then break it down further where 2 + 3 = 5.

Take the three remaining single digits you have and add them together. 1 + 1 + 5 = 7.

In this case, you can quickly and easily calculate that your life path number is 7.

If you end up in the situation where you have a double digit number as the result of your calculations, simply continue the process and add those to numbers together.

Note that if at any point you have an 11, 22 or 33, this is very special.

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Now that you have this number, your talents, challenges, skills, and traits will become clearer and more manageable, enabling you to maximize every opportunity you face in life. Your numerology number will also assist you in leaving behind some of those bad habits and traits that you are not so proud of, that is the beautiful thing!

What Does Your Life Path Number Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Birthdate Say About Your Personality -One

Strong individuals at heart with an uncanny knack for leadership and success, Ones are independent, with men tending to be described as more masculine. They are generally the ‘self-starters’ you hear about that achieve success through a strong focus and original ideas. Ones usually show a great deal of courage and tend to have the willpower to swim upstream in order to achieve their goals (if it is for a good reason). The downside to all of these fantastic qualities is that some Ones may not get the willpower and will be rather weak willed instead, seeming to be stubborn and/or selfish.


Twos are known for their more feminine nature, traditionally being kind, courteous, loving, and possessing a gentle nature. Regarded often as the peacekeepers, Twos  have been shown to be musically inclined, and be astute scholars, while possessing sensual and intuitive tendencies. The downside is that they sometimes carry a leaning towards laziness and/or carelessness, tend to keep the truth fudged (or blatantly lie), and are usually spoiled and over sensitive (especially if they are being criticized).


Sparkling with creativity, the imaginations of Threes are constantly brewing rich ideas making them masters of communication. They tend to enjoy inspiring others, whether it be through speech, art, motivation, and more. The traits of Threes allow them to be more tolerant of others, exuding a sense of charismatic joviality. The funny thing is that their downside is the complete contrast of what their upside represents. They can sometimes be prone to bouts of intolerance themselves frequently taking a negative view on most things. Threes can also be focused on hypocrisy and superficial notions making it harder for them to truly achieve what they feel inside.


Dependable, hard working, and steadfast, Fours are characterized (and recognized) as methodical, precise, and exact. Their devotion to their tasks and goals makes them ideally patriotic in the sense of upholding good ideals, such as being trustworthy. Unfortunately, this dedication to their goals, work, and ambitions can sometimes lead Fours to neglect their families and friends, making them seem cold, boring, and being slightly antisocial. These qualities can be perceived by others as having no emotional attachments (or emotions at all), such as warmth, or even having no imagination though this is not always the case. With hard work comes no time for looking after one’s self, and in this regard Fours have been shown to neglect their physical appearance.


Fives are described as having a yearning to experience life, combined with an adventurous spirit and amazingly high energy! They jump in both feet first and cherish the freedom that a good life can offer. Adapting to many situations with an unbelievable amount of versatility, Fives usually have an innate curiosity of things and have the ability to think on their feet. They seem to be able to show courage when facing new circumstances, not allowing the unknown to stop them. However, with this love of life and plunging into the unknown, many Fives have also been characterized as having addictive behaviors, engaging in hazardous (and sometimes dangerous) sexual exploits. The price of self indulgence is a temptation that occurs in many of their lifestyles, even to the point of being unhealthy while doing so.


The qualities and traits that these people exude make us wish all our mothers were Sixes! Nurturing and loving, they are the compassionate and sympathetic ones in their relationships, and with all of their family (especially children). A certain protective instinct falls over Sixes when their loved ones are in any form of danger. Being fair minded and loving, most Sixes tend to become teachers or healers of some sort as patience comes with these traits. On the downside, their overprotectiveness may cause Sixes to become paranoid or slightly anxious, suspicious of strangers or less known others. This usually leads to instability and cynicism, not to mention jealousy!


Sevens have been shown to be more on the spiritual side of things, possessing a strong intuition, high intelligence, and a basic instinct to contemplate many things. Qualities like this always lead to focused analyses regarding a number of philosophical matters, or practical solutions. They tend to be able to study much easier than their counterpart numbers, due to their nature and their perseverance. With this rationale, many Sevens can be seen as distant or cold, disconnecting them from social skills and an increased rate of sarcasm.


Commanding and prone to positions of power, Eights seek a magnitude of control and can usually pull it off successfully as they tend to be realistic, detached from material goods, and possessing the ability for balanced and critical thinking. Don’t try pretending in front of an Eights as they are fantastic judges of character and can usually read you straight off the bat, having a modicum of street smarts in their arsenal. However, with this overabundance of great traits it can lead many Eights to be cruel, insensitive, possibly violent, and even having a propensity towards bullying or greed. Sometimes, Eights have even gravitated towards religious zealots and extremists.


A compassionate and charitable group, Nines are inherently humanitarian. They believe in the tenants of charity, cooperation, self-sacrifice, and generosity. They tend to be very creative and aristocratic, with proud and romantic notions. The only problem is that Nines have a strong inclination towards self victimization or pitying, leading them to exhibit displays of self-centerdness, egocentricity, and arrogance.